Company Rota-Dan A/S

Rota-Dan A/S has been on the market for wheels and castors for the past 30 years, since 1986. The line of products has developed over the years, currently our main business is wheels for various industrial purposes with mostly European origin. We also have a large selection of furniture and apparatus wheels, which are primarily sourced from trusted Far East partners. 

We have a production of wheels alone in Denmark, with a wide variety of materials available for customer wishes and demands. They can be fitted in a large spectre of housings with fittings, load capacities and finish to match the request and specific application.

In both cases, we strive to have very short lead time and large flexibility, due to the way we stock our products as components rather than complete items.

Our network of suppliers all over the world also enables us to source the exact wheel for customer demands, whether the focus is price, delivery time, quality or something entirely different.

We appreciate to be included in the development process as early as possible, to give our best advice on wheel specifications – but we are also a good source when the development has been made, and only the wheels have not been found. 

Under "Hjul", you can see a fraction of our product line, but as you can see from the pictures flashing by on the home page, we can do a lot more than our standards. You are most welcome to give us a challenge!

Flexible storage

We have a large stock and our products are in stock in component form, which means we can combine wheels and castors across series. This way we can put together exactly the solution that matches your needs and requirements. Of course, we also sell single wheels and castors, if that's the need. It provides a flexible warehouse with the possibility of day-to-day delivery in large numbers and variations.

Customer-specific wheel solutions

At our workshop we have a lathe and an extremely competent staff to operate it. It gives us the opportunity to offer customer-specific wheel solutions that our standard products cannot solve. This can be machining of hubs or tread, turning to V or U-tracks etc.

In addition, we can make special wheels, so it will be 100% designed for your needs. It can be spur gear wheels, flanged wheels , wheels with acid-resistant core or something completely different. Take a look at our custom made wheels page and see a selection of our customized wheel solutions.

New life to the old cores

If you have any worn wheels or rollers with a broken tread, we can recoat them for you. We offer polyurethane in various hardness and colors. Contact us to find out more about what we can do for you.